Comment nourrir le sens au travail: l’exemple de Twitter

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welchen Weg

Un exemple de pratique intéressant pour cultiver le sens au travail collectivement:

To tackle this challenge, she introduced an initiative at Twitter to help managers define the unique purposes of their teams. She facilitated this process by creating a scalable workshop focused on drafting team purpose statements. It has now been rolled out to 120 employees at the company but was first prototyped on Lustig’s own team.

She started by creating an internal “Purpose Pre-Work Survey,” which had nine short questions. Each person on her team took 10 minutes—no more, no less—to respond to them. The first three questions engaged people at an individual level:

1. What excited you most about taking your job at Twitter?
2. What gets you out of bed every day to come to work?
3. What impact do you personally want to have on Twitter?

The next three questions asked employees about their teams:

4. What do you want our team to be doing that we aren’t?
5. Describe what our team does that no other team at Twitter can do or does do.
6. In three words, what is the essence of our team’s purpose for existence?

Finally, the last three questions expanded to consider the relationship between the team and the Twitter organization as a whole:

7. What is one thing you wish that everyone at Twitter knew about our team?
8. What would an ideal partnership look like between our team and the business?
9. What are some ways we can educate Tweeps about how to partner with us and leverage our team more effectively? [“Tweeps” are how employees refer to themselves internally at Twitter]

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